Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nothing Yet--Sorry :(

Still nothing to post yet this weekend. Yesterday I went marathon grocery shopping to 3 different stores and then was busy re-arranging my craft room and putting up some new storage. Today we went to church and then quickly cleaned the house for a visit from my in-laws. I found a smidge of time to be in my craft room this afternoon but I was so tired from fighting this cold and everything else I did this weekend that I didn't feel very creative. I mostly just watched a movie. And now it's time for me to watch all of the Oscar Award hoopla! I look forward to this all month. My husband is in charge of the kids this evening and I am locking myself in my room. I even took tomorrow off of work so I can stay up until the show is over and not worry about being tired in the AM. So I'm sure I will get some crafty stuff done tomorrow-promise! :) Talk to you later, Mary

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