Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Scrapbook Pages

Even though I love scrapbooks I haven't done much of it over the years. But I did make one for my daughter a few years ago and she has really enjoyed looking through it lately. So I was thinking I should start doing more of it. So I bought a big album on sale at Archiver's and thought I would just start by scrapbooking family activities and events that take place this year. The first one, as you can see, is my kids' first day of school. The other page is not one to put in our scrapbook, however. It is one that I actually put in a frame and am giving to a friend of ours. He is an anesthesiologist who I work with, but he's more than that. He has taken care of our daughter during all of her 30 visits to the operating room for her congenital glaucoma. I've told him many times that he's the smartest man I know and we are so grateful for the excellent care he has given our daughter. As you can see he's also a musician and singer! These pictures are from a party that we all went to. I just had to take pictures of him in action! Then when I saw them I thought they would make a great scrapbook page for him to mount in his office or somewhere. I hope he likes it.

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