Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Oops!

Well, just about the worst thing that could happen at Christmas time did last night. My son saw his Christmas presents! And not just a few of them through the side of a bag or something. Oh no, he saw ALL of them... UP CLOSE!! Like he even picked them up and everything!! I couldn't believe it and I'm still depressed about it. We've been hiding the presents in the laundry room downstairs in the basement under a comforter. And the kids have been forbidden to go in there and aren't really allowed in the basement without an adult anyway. Well, today is my son's birthday so I was down there yesterday sorting out which gifts we were going to give him for his birthday and which ones would be for Christmas. Then I wrapped the birthday ones and decided to leave the other ones in their respective piles so I could wrap them later that night...without covering them back up. First mistake! I just figured we were all going to be so busy with other things last evening that no one would even think of going downstairs. So then after the kids came home from school I left them with my husband so I could go out to finish up a few last minute gifts. When I came home my husband dreadingly gave me the bad news. When he was upstairs playing with our daughter in her room our son (who is 9 today) went into the basement, into the laundry room, and looked at all the gifts that were displayed out for all to see. My husband only found out when our son came upstairs and said "Dad, come downstairs with me. I want to show you all these toys I found in the basement!" He said his heart sank. He tried to pass it off as nothing and quickly changed the subject. When he told me I cried. I felt like the joy of Christmas was sucked right out of me. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I LOVE giving gifts. Especially when I know the person is just going to really like it. And I felt like now there will be no excitement and anticipation for my son on Christmas Eve and morning. After all, that's the best thing about being a kid is wondering if Santa is going to come and what he's going to bring you. And now it's all ruined. I'm just heartbroken. I decided to talk to our son about it. I told him that Santa has been really busy and has a lot of toys to carry around this year. So he asked Mommy and Daddy if we would keep these toys for him until he comes on Christmas Eve. But now that he has snooped and found them the rule is that all the presents have to go back. And Santa will have to decide whether he will bring any of them back on Christmas. I know that's cruel but I felt like I needed to restore some of that anticipation and wonder for him. I also threatened him with his life practically that he not say a word to his sister about what he saw (because he said he saw all of her gifts too). I just need to concentrate on the fact that I still have my daughter and husband's gifts to look forward to. Also, my son is autistic, and although he is high functioning he doesn't always think about things like other kids do. So I really think that he'll still be excited about Christmas and opening the presents because he'll just think "Great, now I can play with them!" So hopefully my Christmas spirit will be restored and we'll all still have a nice Christmas morning.
Lesson learned...always leave the gifts covered up, put a lock on the door, and always know where your kids are!


Anonymous said...


I too like to give gifts and surprise fact, I like that better than getting stuff myself...Don't beat yourself up over this small's no one's fault.

Switch your thinking to..."We are so blessed to be able to give our kids gifts for Christmas." Some are not so lucky at this time of year...

Heck, your son is lucky to still believe in bubble was burst at the early age of 5..when my two older sisters told me.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And no more tears sweetie.

Mary in Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

Mary: Your breaking my heart-BIG TIME! No more tears....I am sure that your little guy will be working extra hard to hold good to his promise of not mentioning this to his sister and feel the rewards of his good behavior on Christmas morning. It will be TIME TO PLAY! Now...dry your eyes and count your blessings - you have two fabulous children and a great hubby to share the holiday's with. Happy Holiday's! Kadie

PS - Don't forget to get this story in his scrapbook or baby book so you can remember this day when he's 25 years old...He'll LOVE you for it.