Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hi everyone, I'm back from vacation! And what a wonderful time we had! Disney World was even more amazing than I remember as a child and my kids loved it too. I can't count then number of characters we met, the food was awesome, and the weather was great. Saint Petersburg was just as fun...great weather, good food, and we loved playing in the ocean, laying on the beach, and watching dolphins. The kids were crying when it was time to go, so I guess they had fun!! :)

We returned Thursday night, I was busy grocery shopping and doing Halloween things yesterday, and today I'll be getting the kids ready to visit their grandparents for the night while my husband and I go to a costume party at the house of one of the doctors I work with. I've also been trying to get through all of the e-mails I received while I was gone, all 250 of them! Most of them are posts from the blogs I subscribe to. I'm sorry to say that I just decided to delete most of them because I figured it would take me forever to go through them all and it was taking away from my crafting time. So I just went through some of my most favorties. I'm hoping to get some card time in there somewhere but if not, I hope you'll hang in there with me for a few more days before I get something creative done for you. I hope you're all doing well! Mary

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