Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Poor Puppy

Isn't this just pitiful?! This is Dexter when he got home from getting neutered the other day. Poor little guy.

Cake Balls...Heavenly!!!

This is something else I've been up to lately...cake balls. I can not adequately express to you how wonderful these little creations are. I have become quite famous at work as Cake Ball Lady, or Ball Lady (I don't think that one sounds quite right though). I learned about these gems on the Pioneer Woman website (follow the link on my sidebar). She had the cake ball creator (I can't remember her name but her site is called Bakerella) out to her ranch to show her, and us, how to make them. They are not complicated to make however they do take quite a bit of time...but oh how they're worth it! You can follow the link to Bakerella's site through the Pioneer Woman's site to see how beautiful hers are, but here is the recipe in case you just want to get started right away, which I suggest you do...now...I mean it...run!

1 box cake mix (any flavor but the best is devil's food or carrot. Peanut butter cake is great too but there aren't any box mixes at the store that come in peanut butter so I had to find a recipe on-line)

1 tub of cake frosting (cream cheese frosting is best, and I used a peanut butter frosting recipe I found on-line when I made the peanut butter ones so that I could get a really strong peanut butter taste)

1 package bark coating (chocolate coating for the devil's food and peanut butter, white chocolate for the carrot)

Bake the cake according to the box directions and allow to cool completely.

Crumble the cake in a large bowl.

Add almost all of the tub of frosting with the crumbled cake and mix completely.

Form balls, place on cookie sheet, and place in freezer for 30-40 minutes (don't allow to freeze).

Melt bark coating according to package directions (I do about 4 bars at a time), place a cake ball in the coating and cover completely.

Spoon out ball, place on wax paper, and allow to set. (Do one at a time).

Now prepare yourself for the best treat you've had in a long while. But warning...they are addictive. Not only will you want to go in a closet alone and finish off all the ones you just made, but you will want to go out and try as many combinations of flavors that you can think of. Enjoy!

More Punch Animals

Here's more Punch Animals.

Look What I've Been Up To

Hello strangers! Long time not post I know, but here's a few things I've been up to lately. I got the idea for these adorable punch animals from the ChicnScratch website (follow the link on my sidebar). Aren't they just the cutest?! I will be adhering them to the tops of over sized paper clips to give to my kids' teachers next school year. Like Angie did on her site I made punch pages with the types of punches that it takes to make the animals so that I can go back and recreate them at anytime. I thought I would show them to you so that you too can make some. They are pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions you can e-mail me or just follow the link to the Chicnscratch website and watch videos on how to assemble them.