Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mini Memory Books

My kids love looking at pictures of themselves when they were little. They also like us to tell them stories about when they were born, how we used to rock them, and feed them with bottles, etc. This always leads to my son requesting to hear the story of one of his big "blow-outs" where he pooped so far up his back it almost reached his neck. (Boys! Why does everything lead to poop or gas?!) Anyway, I made these mini memory books for them to keep. I found these chipboard squares with the initials on them at Archivers. I traced around them onto the thick paper I got when I ordered some large decorative paper from SU (don't throw away anything!). I did this many times to make the pages of the books. Then I covered those pages with different patterned cardstock for one side of the page and then placed a picture on the other side. I used SU's oval punch to create a place to stamp a word that I thought went along with the picture. I punched holes through all of the pages and covers at the top and bottom and wound wire through the holes several times to hold it all together. Then I embellished with ribbons, buttons, and pearls. My kids just love looking at these and they hold up very well.

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