Thursday, December 27, 2007

Valentine's Day is Next

I was at Michael's today and the isles were crowded with boxes because they were taking down all of the Christmas stuff and setting up the Valentine's Day stuff. Boy, they don't waste any time! My 5 year old daughter even commented on it. So in response to that I thought I would join in the rush and make a V-day looking card. I couldn't quite get myself to break out my heart stamps so I just focused on the red. I chose the H initial for my daughter. Her name is Holly. She was thrilled that I was actually making something for her this time and not a "stranger".

The paper is of course from SU. I embossed the red paper using my cuttlebug. The frame stamp is from Michael's. I got it during my trip there today using my 50% off coupon--I don't usually like buying my stamps there because I think they are too expensive, but I can justify it by using my coupon. :) The initial stamp is from Paper Trey. Love Paper Trey!!! I used my corner punch from SU to accent the frame. The flower is also something I picked up from Michael's today. I got a whole bag of red, pink, and ivory ones for only $2.00! Love a bargain. Enjoy!

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