Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Now Brown Cow

Aren't these cows just the cutest? They remind me of my parents. That sounds bad, I know, but it's said in the best way possible I promise. My parents are retired, and to me these cows look like they're out enjoying the day and doing what they please...just like my parents are doing. Plus, my Dad was born and raised on a farm, the very farm he now owns. My parents don't live there but my Dad goes out there almost every day during summer to work on it "just for fun". I don't know how sweating, grunting, and getting dirty can be fun, but to each his own. My dad doesn't have any animals on his farm now but he did when he was a boy. And he loved the cows the most, still does. He thinks they're cute. And I have to agree. So to this day, whenever I see a cow I think of my dad. I'm not sure how he feels about that, but again, it's meant in the best way possible. "Look, cowies!" (inside joke meant for mom and dad)
By the way, this image was a free download from Pioneer Woman's website. I just printed it out on cardstock. I also wrote the saying on Word and printed it out as well.

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