Monday, July 20, 2009

Clothes Pin Recipe Holder

I was cleaning out my junk drawer the other day and came across a few clothes pins. I don't remember putting them in there but I probably found them in my kids' backpacks and thought I could use them for a craft someday. Well that day finally came. Sometimes when I'm baking something I either misplace the recipe in all of my baking supplies on the counter, or it gets dirty from flour, oil, or some other stray baking ingredient. I was thinking that it would be great if the recipe could be stuck up on the cupboard or someplace out of the way but easily seen. So I came up with this. You can clip the recipe in the clothespin which has a magnet on the back so it can be placed on the range hood. Super cute!
CS and Ink- SU
Stamp set- unknown source (I think I got it at Archivers for $1.00)
Ribbon- Offray

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