Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday America and Dad!

Happy 4th of July!! I hope you are having a good holiday. We have gotten a lot of things done already today but will be taking some time out to see the movie Ice Age 3 this afternoon. We are expecting rain any minute so we don't have many outdoor plans for today. I hope it's nice where you are.
Not only is this weekend special because of the holiday but yesterday was my Dad's 78th birthday. 78 years, wow! He doesn't look a day over 75! Just kidding Dad. :) Anyway, we spent a very nice day with him and my Mom yesterday. We gave them this swing as a combo Mother's Day, Father's Day and Birthday gift. They liked it very much. I'm glad we took the time to help them put it together because there were quite a few pieces and my Dad's lack of desire to read directions may have hampered his assembly just a bit and they may have had to make time for a trip to the hospital during their holiday. Just kidding again Dad. :) And now I can imagine them sitting on it under the tree just-a-swingin' away. Aren't they cute little love birds?
Here is the birthday card I made for my Dad. I was going to make a 4th of July themed one but his birthday gets thrown together with the holiday so often I thought it would be nice to do something a little different. (Even though he is a little firecracker!)
Hope you all enjoy the holiday whatever you end up doing. By the way, have you looked at SU's new catalog? I just love their new punches, and did you know they are now making markers for the In Colors?! Take care, Mary

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