Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Home

I have a friend at work who, after almost 1 1/2 years, has finally finished building her house. Well, it's not a regular house really. And, the house isn't really finished-finished yet. Are you confused yet? It's what will be her garage when the rest of her house in finished. She bought a bunch of land out in the country...5 acres, lots of trees, etc. and she didn't have much money to make house payments somewhere else and pay for the building of the new house at the same time. And she didn't have enough money to build the entire house. So she rented out the house she was living in, moved into a pop-up trailer on her new land and had a contractor come in and build a small building that will eventually become the garage when she is able to finish the entire house. I know you're probably thinking "garage?...that's just a big box! long can that take?" It's actually a pretty good sized building that has lots of windows, a staircase, radiant heated flooring, etc. It has a kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs, so it's really like an apartment with a loft. She did a lot of the work herself too. She put up insulation, drywall, mudded and sanded the drywall, painted, and put up trim. It has been a very very long, tiring, and stressful project for her. She has worried and cried many times because of delays and things not going right. She is divorced so she did this almost entirely by herself. I could never have done it. But she persevered and it is now finally done! The inspector will be coming soon but she feels confident that it will all check out fine. I am so happy for her. Anyway, this is a card I made for her to help celebrate this huge achievement in her life.

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