Saturday, December 26, 2009

Looky What I Got!!!

Here's my haul for Christmas, and what a haul it was!!! Santa was very good to me this year. I was squealing like a little kid when I opened my Le Creuset dutch oven. And yes, it's the big mombo jombo one! It would have been the only thing I got due to the spending limit we set for each other, but my husband used money from his own little stash for it. He's so good to me. I guess he figures it will benefit him too because he'll get to eat what comes out of it.
And I really let out a squeal when I opened my Pioneer Woman cookbook. Do you see what's on the inside?! Yes...that's her me! My husband sent the book to her and asked her to sign it for me, then she sent it back. Isn't that great?! I'll treasure it always.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too. Please excuse me now. I have to go figure out what recipe I'm going to try first.

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