Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me...2 days late. I was too busy enjoying myself on my birthday to post anything that day, and then I had trouble logging on to blogger yesterday. So I had to wait until today to share my birthday with you all. But I don't know what I was in a hurry for...after you hit 40 who wants to share, or even acknowledge their birthdays anymore anyway. :) My kids had a 2 hour delay in starting school that day because of the weather, so my birthday got started a little late. I had a nice day to myself, crafting and watching/listening to a couple girl-y movies. Then we went out to eat and back home for cake and presents. I got a really nice silicone rolling pin and an insulated tote to carry my 9x13 pan...boring gifts to some, maybe, but they're just up my alley and I love them. It was just nice to be singled out for the day. My husband is really good about thanking me, and reminding the kids to thank me, for being such a good mom and for taking care of them. It does my heart good and makes it easier to do all of that for them when they are so appreciative.
Anyway, here are a few of the things I created on my birthday: a set of cards to give as a gift and a post-it note holder. Enjoy!

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lisa808 said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Adorable post-it holder.