Tuesday, January 1, 2008

One More for Christmas

I know, I know, Christmas is over! But I've been wanting to do this project and haven't been able to find a sheet of sticky strip until a few days ago so I had to try it. I suppose I could have done a heart instead of a Christmas tree but that is what I had originally wanted to do so that was all I was thinking about. Oh well, it won't go to waste. I'll just put it away for next Christmas.

This project was another very easy candle project. I cut a strip of the sticky sheet the same size as the candle. Next I drew the design of the tree onto the paper coating of the sticky sheet. Then I cut out the design with a craft knife being careful to only cut through the paper coating, I did not pull out the design yet. Next I pulled off the backing of the paper and adhered it to the candle. Then I pulled off the paper coating tree design and poured green micro beads over it. Next I pulled the paper coating off the rest of the candle and poured white glass micro beads over it. Lastly I added the red crystal and ribbon. It is so sparkly! Have you ever worked with these micro beads before? Man, let me tell you. They get everywhere! I'll probably be picking them up for months! I learned that it helps if you wipe out the tray or container you are using with the Embossing Buddy from SU to decrease the static. It also helps if you pour the beads into the tray and just roll the candle into the beads. Then they don't bounce around and get everywhere. Learn through experience I guess!

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